Summer Heat group exhibition at LOT

Posted on July 12, 2011
Image: Jessica at Tinks in the afternoon

Jessica at Tinks in the afternoon

July 15 – September 9, 2011
Reception:  7pm July 23, 2011

Land of Tomorrow
233 West Broadway, Louisville KY

Land of Tomorrow is pleased to announce Summer Heat. This new exhibition will open on the 15th of July with a reception on the 23rd at 7pm. Summer Heat will include works by several artists who are exploring sexuality and gender in their works.

Sexuality and gender have been favorite subjects of artists since art’s inception – think of classical Greek sculptures of the ideal male form, the female lure in Botticelli’s works, coquettish Danae rendered by Rembrandt, Fragonard’s young lady who kicks off her shoe, gender bending performances of the 60s, Mapplethorpe’s photography… The issue of gender and sexuality remains a subject of profound interest for artists, and the visual outcome of this interest continues to intrigue audiences worldwide.

Summer Heat continues in the same vein. This exhibition explores various aspects of sexuality and gender in today’s Information Age. Issues of ambiguity, mutability, social acceptance and the dichotomy between the sexes will be examined through means of images, objects, performances, videos and public displays of affection. Summer Heat will serve as a sexual journey for the viewer allowing the gallery goer to explore their own sexuality through the works in the exhibition.

Artists will include:

Lauren Argo
Louis Zoellar Bickett II
Richard Campbell
E.V. Day
Joel McDonald
Britton von Fischer
Bryce Hudson
Russel Hulsey
Shelley Vaughn Hulsey
Stephen Irwin
John King
Sarah Lasley
Sarah Lyon
Daniel Pfalzgraf
Letitia Quesenberry
Chris Radtke
Arturo Alonzo Sandoval
Aaron Michael Skolnick

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