Motorcycle Mechanics Workshop for Women

July – August 2015
8 sessions, Wednesdays 6pm-8pm

The Smoketown Motorcycle Mechanics Workshop empowers women with basic knowledge and experience of motorcycle mechanics and maintenance. This hands-on weekly class includes maintenance, repair, and service instruction, along with lectures, presentations, and engagement with professionals in the community. Workshop topics include combustion engine design and operation and related vehicle systems such as drive, chassis, and electrical systems. Introduction to various careers and apprenticeships as well as exploring further educational opportunities are an important aspect of the series. Students are given their own set of mechanics tools to use during the course. Upon workshop completion, they will take the tools with them for use in the workforce.

Funded by an ArtPlace America grant for Creative Innovation Zone/IDEAS 40203, partnering with YouthBuild Louisville.

Half Empty Half Full

Half Empty Half Full Group Exhibition
Art Market Provincetown
June 24 – July 8, 2015

Marian Roth | Ivan de Petrovsky | Amy Howell | Keith Krisa | Shania LeClaire Riviere | Sarah Lyon | Jerry Russo

Next Exit Series
On highway 65 in Southern Indiana there is a set of 6 wooden billboards in various states of decay. Drawn to the aesthetic of their faded colors and textures and the history of what was once hand painted on them, I made several pilgrimages in efforts to document them. That winter a friend died, an artist named Stephen Irwin, who had been an influence on my life and my art practice. In the snow I spent a final afternoon with the billboards while mourning the loss of Stephen. The images that ensued are my homage to him, meditations on change, loss, and architectural perspectives toward the sky.

Female Icons & Identity

The Green Building Gallery, Louisville KY
February 6th – March 27th, 2015

Female Icons & Identity is a group exhibition featuring local, regional, and national female artists whose work thematically deals with feminine identity. Identity as women, masculine/feminine duality, iconic female identity and disparities between real and fantasized ideals, shared identities of women within differing societies, and maternal ancestry.

Waehringer Frauenweg (Women’s Path, Vienna)

A permanent exhibition in Pötzleinsdorfer Castle Park, Vienna, Austria features motorcycle mechanic Lucy Carrera from the Female Mechanics Calendar Project.

Created in cooperation with the Waehring Museum Association, the Women’s Path honors the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day with narratives of influential women in history printed on ten separate panels installed throughout the park.

Opening May 28, 2014 Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark, Vienna

El Campo de Mañana pt. II

Group Exhibition at Land of Tomorrow
August 1 – September 7
Curated by Cesar Padilla
Plaster Casts by Cynthia Plastercaster
Growing Up In the New York Underground (1971-1977), photographs by Paul Zone
Biker Gang Vests (1930-1980) by Jeff Decker
Habana Series by Art Miller
Photographs by Sarah Lyon
T-shirts from the Sexual Revolution (1967-1987) by Cherry
Chocolate by Martynka Wawrzyniak
Land of Tomorrow
233 West Broadway
Louisville, KY

OFF-SHOOT: Serial Explorations

OFF-SHOOT: Serial Explorations Group Exhibition
21c Museum
November 2012 – June 2013

Art in Metropole: Serial explorations of subject, form, and media has been a hallmark of modern artistic practice since the advent of photography in the mid-19th century.

Jay Bolotin | Annie Kevans | Anthony Goicolea | David Harpe | Sarah Lyon | Loretta Lux | Sanford Biggers | Kay Ruane | Vee Speers | Zilla Leutenegger

Louisville-based Sarah Lyon engages in a literal and conceptual interrogation of photography in her Camera Collection, a series of portraits of cameras. Invoking Marcel Duchamp’s legacy of adopting found objects into art—his famed readymades—Lyon transforms instrument into concept, object into subject, and reverses the standard trajectory of the viewer’s gaze. Varying in make, model, or size, the cameras face the viewer, trading places, and, powerless to perform their usual function, instead illustrate repetition and variety, while alluding to the narcissism that drives the desire to be seen, to be documented, to be an image—desires thwarted by Lyon’s collective object-portrait. – Curator Alice Stites

Louisville Portraits at Art Market Provincetown

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Photographs by Katrina Del Mar

A concurrent solo show at Art Market Provincetown
148 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA

June 10 to July 1, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday June 14, 7-9pm
Night of music performance and readings: Saturday June 15, 7-9:30
Provincetown International Film Festival Screenings: June 19-23


Changing Speed

Welcome Neighbors:  Art from NuLu

A group exhibition curated by Daniel Pfalzgraf at the Speed Museum satellite location

Opening reception June 7
822 East Market Street
Open Thursday-Friday 5p-8p and Saturday 11a-3p

Women Work group exhibition at Weber Gallery

Women Work

Weber Gallery
1141 South Fourth Street, Louisville Ky
January 18 to March 22, 2013
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Opening Reception January 18 5:30 to 9pm

Artists: Elmer Lucille Allen, Julie Baldyga, Charlotte Browning, Katherine Corcoran, Mary Craik, Wendy Currier, Debra Lott, Sarah Lyon, Judy Mudd, and Madonna Wilson