Basic Auto Care at Paramount Studios

Posted on May 4, 2019

Thanks to google search and meaningful coincidence, a publicist at Paramount Studios found and hired me to teach a version of the Basic Auto Care Clinic to promote the home release of a movie called Bumblebee.  It’s about a rebellious teenage girl named Charlie who has a passion for fixing cars, which was right up my alley!!  She resurrects an old VW Beetle from a junkyard that turns out to be a Transformer. The event amounted to 17 individual press encounters with the female screenwriter, the foley artists who make sound effects, and a lesson with me and the original car from the movie on the Paramount Backlot (it was a long day!).  I definitely had to do some research on the Volkswagen Super Beetle as that’s not a car I’ve had an opportunity to work on before.  The best part was being interviewed by Izzy C from Kids First. We changed a tire together.  Heres’s a link to an interview with Jon Bailey, the voice of the Shockwave and Soundwave transformers:  Bumblebee Behind the Scenes interview

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